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With the help of our operations team, available 24 hours a day, 24/7 we are dedicated to guiding you and making your flight an unforgettable experience.

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Sky Inflight Catering sole focus is simply providing the best ingredients, excellence in service and open communication. 

We are happy to be serving FBO's, Aircraft Operators, Charter Providers, Pilots, Flight Attendants, Flight Schools and anyone else  in the Aviation industry. Our main goal is to make your life easier, and your clients happier. 


We provide custom crafted menus to fit anyone's preferences including; Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, & Gluten Free.


Something that we do make sure that we do is provide you with a bespoke variety of foods to make sure that you are getting the best options for your needs. We make sure that you can have all kinds of dishes which are appropriate for a selection of contexts.
For example, if you’re having a business meeting, then you might find that a selection of sandwiches and lighter foods are a good idea, whereas in other situations you may see that it works better to have a proper meal cooked for you. Whatever the case, our chefs can handle it and exceed expectations.

If you ever have a specific request, all you have to do is ask. We make sure that you’re getting the absolute best when it comes to customer experiences, and so we’ll have a good go at implementing most foods and drinks into the service. Want a special bottle of wine for a celebration? We can do that. Fancy a particular meal for a special occasion? Not a problem. We can do it all!

Overall, we make sure that your experience is a positive one from start to finish because we know it’s important for people to have their ideal catering. A good meal can make all the difference, and so you have to try and make sure that you’re getting the absolute best from your experiences. We make sure that when you want something, you can have it, and that given the prep time we can get most things sourced in for you. Just ask us, and we’ll see what we can do!


Bespoke Variety

Our passion is to serve and create memories in each and every client we encounter. Food memories involve all senses, that is why we are thoroughly engaged in creating wonderful memories through our food as it has a powerful effect. We are created to cater and we want to share our love of food with everyone we encounter.


"We aim for customer satisfaction through "food" which is one of the key aspects for inflight catering in delivering a top-class service.  For safe and high-quality meals"


Our Passion

Sky Inflight Catering  was created to answer the many needs of clients who were unsatisfied by other in-flight caterers. We were founded on three solid principles of food safety, service, and value. Each a pillar in our success in providing outstanding catering services for reasonable prices. We strive to provide exceptional dining for your flight guests without the extravagant prices that typically accompany jet catering services.

Our in-flight catering services will excel that of your current provider in quality, service and reliability. The reason why? We have put together a team of the finest chefs and managers with over 50 years of experience. We use only the freshest ingredients to prepare your appetizers and meals and they are prepared by trained chefs.

With Sky Inflight Catering  you not only gain fine dining by an experienced staff; you gain a new perspective on lasting business relationships. Our goal is to be your first choice in all in-flight catering needs as well as concierge services.

Find out why our clients continue to use our services year after year and why they won't go anywhere else for their meals or concierge services. Contact our Ops Dept today ops@skyinflightcatering.com to learn how we can provide you great food.

Discover Sky Inflight Catering's Know how

We offer you a whole range of bespoke services because it enhances your experience in a big way. The importance of smooth travelling is something which is not lost on us.

Catering is just one thing that we make sure to provide for you when you’re flying. It’s one of the selling points of a top-tier luxury jet hire service – the bespoke food and drink. We’re going to be exploring this facet of the experience in more detail, to make sure that you’re getting the best of the best.

When it comes to private jets, there’s no more elegant way to travel.


TURNKEY Solution

Our goals, in addition to our fine cuisine, are to guarantee the highest standards of food safety and airport security checks.
After consulting with you, we carefully select suitable meals We deliver everything on time before the actual flight. This will be done in a professional manner in accordance with your expectations